Brannan Coady

Web Business Consultant

Brannan Coady is an experienced web business consultant, working between Scarborough in the North of England and London.

A young, energetic and creative business consultant who specialises in advising on digital strategy across both web and mobile technologies, Brannan will work to assess your concept, business and goals before advising on the best technological implementation to achieve those goals with the least possible expenditure.

As CEO and Founder of award winning digital agency Netsells, Brannan has worked with organisations such as GE Capital, Three Mobile and the NHS to advise on the implementation of web and mobile solutions - with a huge portfolio of success stories.

With the support of a full team of designers and developers at Netsells, the option to convert the established plan into a functioning solution is also just a small step away!


The benefits of using a web business consultant over a standard business consultant are clear. With experience of taking businesses from the concept stage through to thriving multi million pound businesses, Brannan knows what works online and on mobile.

An in depth knowledge of both the technology and UI requirements and implications, combined with a creative entrepreneurial mindset, results in the provision of a solution that will be innovative, cost effective and profitable. An expert in web and mobile usability, e-commerce conversion and online marketing strategy, Brannan can advise businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors.

  • Usability
  • User Experience
    User Experience
  • Strategy
  • Concept <br>Evalulation
  • Conversion <br>Optimisation
  • eCommerce <br>Reports
  • Mobile App <br>Strategy
    Mobile App
  • Branding & <br>Design
    Branding &


Having worked with some of the largest organisations in the world, Brannan has been trusted to advise on the delivery of projects with huge financial backing. With low hourly rates, your business can benefit from the experience of a proven consultant in a wide range of areas.

In addition to the blue chip clientele, Brannan has worked with hundreds of start ups and sole traders to ensure that their businesses get off the ground in the best possible direction with the least possible expenditure. He can work with you to asses your initial ideas, make suggestions and then map out a solution that will give you the best chance of success.


Born in Burnley, a small industrial town in the North of England, Brannan was a straight-A student who established his first online business at the tender age of 14.

An award winning designer at the age of 15, Brannan founded what was to become the UK's leading student run digital agency, employing a team of 5 offshore developers to turn his innovative designs into thriving online businesses for UK SME's. After being awarded a scholarship to study Website design and development at the University of Hull, Brannan moved to Scarborough on the East Coast of England.

In a year off from study, Brannan moved to London to take the role of Web Business Analyst at GE Capital, helping to deliver a number of successful mobile applications for the financial sector, providing consultancy on both strategy and user experience.

Brannan returned to university, graduating with a first class BSc honours degree and received a departmental award for Outstanding Achievement. It was during his time at University that a partnership with leading UK developer Sam Jordan led to the formation of digital agency Netsells; an agency that he still operates today in the role of CEO & lead consultant.

Brannan now spends his time between Scarborough and London, consulting with businesses of all sizes on their digital requirements and guiding businesses to profitable solutions.

With the majority of his time spent ensuring Netsells clients receive the highest quality deliverables and the best possible customer service, he is still very much involved in the active delivery of cutting edge solutions that ensures the consultancy offered remains relevant, informed and accurate.


A clear, transparent pricing structure is in place so that you know exactly what will be delivered and at what cost. With a low hourly rate, the consultants expertise are accessible to almost any business. With a track record of exceptional results, working with a proven web business consultant will provide an unbeatable return on investment.

Although each business has different requirements, a rough indication of costs is displayed on this page. For a fixed price offering, get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and to see if using a web business consultant is a good fit for your business.

Service Price
Initial Business Consultation £75 / per hour
Web Usability Report £500
eCommerce Report £1000
eMarketing Strategy Report £75 / per hour
On-site day rate £1000
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